Having A Bad Day?

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If you are just not having a very good day here are some things that made me smile today. Enjoy 🙂



Punk Goes Christmas 2013

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“Punk Goes…” Is a series of albums in which punk-rock bands make covers of songs from multiple genres, and add a personal twist to them. As of right now the series includes thirteen different albums including Punk Goes Metal, Punk Goes Pop, Punk Goes Acoustic, Punk Goes 90’s, Punk Goes 80’s and many others. Just recently punk went Christmas. Just in time for the Holidays the “Punk Goes” released a Christmas album. Below is a list of the songs and the bands who played them.

•New Found Glory – “Nothing For Christmas”


•All Time Low – “Fool’s Holiday”


•Real Friends – “I Had A Heart”


•Man Overboard – “Father Christmas”


•The Summer Set – “This Christmas”


•Crown The Empire – “There Will Be No Christmas”


•Yellowcard – “Christmas Lights”


•Issues – “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays”


•Jason Lancaster (of Go Radio) – “All I Can Give You”


•Set It Off – “This Christmas Day (I’ll Burn It To The Ground)”


•The Ready Set – “I Don’t Wanna Spend Another Christmas Without You”


•William Beckett – “Do You Hear What I Hear?”


Personally I love the modern punk twists’ on all of the songs. As a very big fan of metal and punk-rock I enjoy all the “Punk Goes” albums. It’s an interesting way to hear the songs from a different genre of music and it just really gives you an interesting outlook on every type of music genre.


Top Ten Fun Dancing Songs

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We all know how school dances go. You have to “Double Dancers” where the couple never gets off each other the entire night. The “Too Cool to Dance” kids who sit at a table on their phones for the entire dance, the kids who think they are really amazing dancers who end up just making everyone uncomfortable because of the awkwardness scale is through the roof. And the first pumping and jumping kids, the “drop it like it’s hot” kids (self-explanatory), and the normal dancers. But when you dance just to have fun, it’s one of the most fun things ever. So below is a top ten list of my favorite dancing for fun songs.


10.  Larger Than Life – Backstreet Boys


9. Blister in the Sun


8. Cinema – Skrillex


7. Any Disney Channel Original Movie songs (Camp Rock, high school musical)


6. Sweet Home Alabama


5. Wagon Wheel


4. Let Me Take You Out


3. Hey Jude


2. Barbie Girl


1. I Believe in a thing Called Love


The Perfect Studying Music

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If you’re like me then you have to listen to music when you study; I can’t pay attention otherwise. I like listening to nice relaxing music when I study. Below are my favorite studying songs.

Rainy Day Song

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It’s a particualularly rainy day in Cinncinati, so happy exciting music doesn’t exactly sound appealing to most people. On rainy days I go for the angsty teenager, sulk about life type of vibe. So song that gets me in the rainy mood is “Slide” By Jake Bugg. Jake Bugg, an English musician, released this song in 2012. If it’s not raining where you live just hop onto http://www.rainymood.com/ ; so you can enjoy this song along with the sweet sound of rain and sulk about life with me. Below is a link to Slide.